Our Company

Gesta’s history and experience of national and international trade fair stand fitting dates back to the late 1970s.
It was a different world then from today, with longer lead times, less technology and a huge focus on manual skills and craftsmanship.
For Gesta however there was the same passion and professionalism as today, the same relentless propensity for results, and the same resolute attention to respecting deadlines and quote costs. During the 90s our expertise in exhibition stand construction was consolidated and our reputation grew. Gesta is now nationally and globally recognised as a market leader with a strong and credible background and experience in the international boat show business

As a result of our constant focus on the quality of work and client satisfaction, over the years our business has grown and established a name for itself; in the early 2000s, growth also came through the acquisition of other exhibition stand construction companies in Italy.

chi siamo uomo stand
Thanks to constant managerial and operational creativity, our stand-fitting business managed to withstand the downturn in the trade fair market at the end of the 2000s, when the economic crisis effectively reduced Italian companies’ use of trade fairs as a means of promotion and sales; this period saw web marketing and online trading tools explored to a greater extent, with companies reducing and rethinking their participation in events

Today, building on more than 40 years of expertise, we have created GESTA Allestimenti, a new company with a long-standing experience, established to rationalise and further develop customised stand-fitting and trade fair activities, at the service of exhibiting companies and organisers of trade fairs, conferences and cultural events.

Thanks to our design, management and construction skills, equipment and furnishings, and our ability to provide a flexible quality problem-solving service, GESTA Allestimenti forges ahead with an optimistic eye on the future.

icona allestimento fiere
Trade fair stand fitting

We erect large trade fair areas with modular stands for organisers of trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences.

icona stand personalizzati
Customised stands

We design and build stands of any size for companies exhibiting at trade fairs in Italy and abroad


We are a great team who puts the customer at the centre of all that we do: our values are based on collaboration, passion and creativity.
We are our customers’ partners : we listen, look after their image and put forward innovative ideas to best meet their promotional needs
But we don’t stop there. Our vision of collaboration is much broader and extends to our relationship with stakeholders
We believe in the power of dialogue. We are committed to building relationships based on fairness and transparency,: not only with all those who work with us and for us but also to ensure such fair and transparent relationships are fostered between them.
Why? Because Gesta believes that it is only through trust and involvement at every stage that concrete goals can be pursued together.